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Pregnancy is one of the most exciting miracles in life. During that time you don’t have to give up on your waxing routines. Do something for yourself you deserve some “ ME TIME “.

There is no evidence that waxing is unsafe during pregnancy. Hair growth during pregnancy does tend to increase, especially in areas such as your tummy and face, as well as your arms, legs and pubic area. The body has a large supply of hormones causing increased hair growth. The hair not only grows quick, but can also become thicker and darker. Hair removal creams contain lots of chemicals that could potentially interfere with pregnancy.

As your belly begins to grow, you might find it difficult to shave unreachable areas. This could be a potential hazard especially when using a sharp razor.

Waxing is perfectly safe.

Some women feel that waxing is little more painful during the pregnancy due to the increased skin sensitivity and blood flow. However, others say that they experienced no change when waxing during pregnancy.

Let a professional deal with this while you lay back and enjoy pampering.

Waxing Specialist only recommends Lycon Hot Wax for your waxing during pregnancy also we require extra time for your treatment.

IMPORTANT! Please note we only wax ladies that have passed 12 weeks of their pregnancy. We won’t be able to treat anyone over 38 weeks of pregnancy and clients who never waxed before. We will carry out thorough consultation on arrival.